Nettlesmith_cover_medium“The songs are great and beautifully presented.”
Dave Gregory, Tin Spirits, XTC.

“At this stage in their musical careers, the ‘two old geezers with guitars’ likely harbour no ambitions beyond a healthy local date sheet and shifting some copies of the CD at gigs. On the evidence here, they may need to revise that upwards.”
See the CD review in full by Mike Davies,
Folk radio uk

What is a Nettlesmith?
Nettlesmith is a duo of Tim Wilkinson and Jim Griffiths.

Together, we’ve been writing, performing and recording songs, on and off, since we were at art college in the 1970’s.

We grew up in the village of South Cerney, in the county of Gloucestershire. We’ve been good friends for nearly fifty years, irretrievably influenced by our shared love of songwriting and by where we are from.

Cookin’ in Satan’s Kitchen
After decades of musical this and thatery, we’ve admitted no frills, found a name we both like, and come up with a parcel of songs of which we are very proud. We’ve recorded the first batch of them onto this CD and called it ‘Cookin’ in Satan’s Kitchen’.

What’s it sound like then, Nettlesmith blokes?
Well… Americana with an English sensibility? Englishness with an American influence? Blimey, trying to describe your own music is like trying to hum a building. Songs influenced by the likes of Marc Cohn, Elvis Costello, Rodney Crowell, Justin Currie, Steve Earle, Don Henley, Mark Knopfler, Bonnie Raitt, Squeeze, Tom Waits, XTC.

We’ve kept the songs stripped down (including our cover of the beautiful ‘One Safe Place’ by Marc Cohn), using our musical strengths to their best advantage: fine songwriting featuring vocals, harmonies and acoustic instruments from Tim, electric guitars from Jim.

We’ve put the songs here on the website for you. For the full sonic and graphic loveliness experience you can order the CD by emailing us using the contact page. See below for more info.

O look! There go a fascination of nettlesmiths!
We don’t have an online retail emporium, but to buy one of our beautifully packaged CDs – replete with a booklet of lyrics and artwork designed by Tim Wilkinson – send us an email via the contact page here on our website with your address and requesting a CD. It costs 10.99 of British quids + postage. We’ll get back to you with a total price and payment details.

As an added bonus, we’ll throw in a lifetime’s supply of simpering gratitude.

Nettlesmith Live!
If any of you wonderful people out there have a shack or railway-siding with a willing audience inside it, we’ll turn up to play our little hearts out and love you ’til the world turns widdershins.

Nettlesmith: it’s like songsmith… only with…  umm… nettles…

Cheers then,